Our rapid prototyping facilities allow us to provide existing and new customers with demo models of their products for market research purposes prior to the tooling being made and the product put into mass-production. We have made mould tools for companies as far away as Sweden. From design to manufacture, the only limitation in the whole process is the customer’s imagination.

We are a very innovative company and we have numerous patents on a product range extending from the fishing industry, Aquaculture, household roofing and Firestarters. Our imagination and skills encompass your needs for functionality and design as well as the equipment and skills to help you bring that world-beating product to market. As engineers and innovators, our aim is to help you build that better product.

Most of our current product range is geared towards the fishing industry as our local customers predominantly work in fishery. We have a constant stream of fishermen visit our engineering works for problems on their boats and engines and also to buy products. So we are constantly in discussion with fishermen about our existing products and where they see a need for new ones. Our most essential piece of equipment is of course our telephone (UK: 01851702122 / +44 1851702122) where we are happy to discuss any issues on new or existing products. Our products are serving the needs of fishermen across Europe.